Cemia Acoff Fund

Thursday, May 2, 2013 Help us bring Ce Ce home.

We are working with her family, the funeral home and, yes, the morgue, to bring Ce Ce home.

We need your help.

We have setup The Cemia Acoff Fund which will, literally, bring Ce Ce home and ensure that she receives a proper send off, full of love and support from the community – and that includes the love and support of her family.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 Cemia Acoff's murder was brutal. The reporting that followed it was, at best, undignified. But it does not stop there.

"This sensationalism will not be tolerated. The issue is bigger than the Cleveland Plain Dealer. It is not about a single, horrible act of violence. This is about how people treat one another. It is no surprise that Cemia Acoff's death was treated with disrespect. The trans community is repeatedly marginalized in every aspect of daily life: in the workplace, in the healthcare community, in the press and everywhere. It has to stop." Shane Morgan, Founder & Chair of TransOhio.

Someone thought that Cemia's body was 'a mannequin.' We cannot escape the scarring analogy to Matthew Shephard's body being mistaken for a scarecrow in 1998.

There is no enumeration of the LGBT community in the our Hate Crimes legislation. Victims and their families are on their own in Ohio.

We have to end this cycle of violence and hate. Now. We must educate our community and the press about who we are. We will not be treated without fairness and dignity.